Why Choose PrimeShares

Successful and Proven Track Record

PrimeShares is focused on the purchase of defaulted, distressed and illiquid financial instruments.  Our specialties include the purchase of claims against bankrupt/insolvent entities, trade payables, open derivative contracts and defaulted bank debt.  Since its inception in September 2000, PrimeShares has been an active player in the largest global insolvencies, and has successfully completed over 6,000 transactions.

Experience, Success and Stability with Partners and Professionals

Knowledge of managing distressed assets through multiple business cycles, with core competencies in privately-traded instruments such as trade claims, administrative and secured claims as well as contract damage and rejected contract claims.

An Expansive Network of Dependable Contacts Facilitates the Sourcing of Off-the-Run, Uncorrelated Investment Opportunities

Proven ability to source unique opportunities from traditional and non-traditional channels over many years.

Intensive Proprietary Research Process Aimed at Minimizing Errors in Fundamental Analysis

Opportunities are analyzed by multiple teams from multiple perspectives with a view to going beyond the numbers and finding an edge.

A Unique Culture of Teamwork and Professional Development

Provides employees with a clear career progression path not often available in alternative asset managers and has resulted in minimal employee turnover since 2000.