In the area of auctions, we will collect bids; assist in evaluating the bids and guide clients through the process, including creating a list of “Approved Bidders.” Such Approved Bidders will be specialized and focused buyers of claims/assets within the arena of what your exposure is.
PrimeShares will contact all Approved Bidders on the approved list to solicit interest in the auction.

  • PrimeShares will obtain a from each interested bidder attesting to (i) the institutions qualifications to purchase this type of distressed claim (i.e. Qualified Institutional Buyer, etc.) and (ii) authorization of the individual that will submit a binding bid.
  • If requested by the client, PrimeShares will obtain a properly executed confidentiality agreement, restricting potential bidders from discussing the auction process with anyone outside their firm.
  • Once the list of Approved Bidders is set, PrimeShares will have each bidder submit a formal proposal and work with you to select the high bid and the most likely group to close in the shortest time frame.
  • PrimeShares will work with you and your selected counterparty to finalize the terms of an Assignment and Transfer Agreement.