Who We Are

PrimeShares World Markets, LLC (“PrimeShares”) is the global market leader in the purchase and sale of claims against insolvent companies and entities. PrimeShares actively transacts trade payables of bankrupt companies, administrative claims, limited partnership interests, claims against insurance companies in liquidation, liquidating trust certificates and other defaulted products (i.e. rejected leases and contracts, loans, private placements instruments, etc.). PrimeShares also offers advisory services and financing to entities undergoing restructuring.

The firm’s founders and senior managers are experienced in the legal and financial aspects of companies undergoing re-capitalizations, reorganizations and liquidations. PrimeShares’ mission is to provide liquidity to both companies and/or their creditors during these periods of stressed or distressed transition. PrimeShares is able to provide its services by diversifying risk amongst a multitude of “high-risk” investments on behalf of itself and its strategic partners.

PrimeShares’ operations are centralized in New York City, but the firm and its strategic partners invest globally with a concentration in the United States, Europe, Canada, Japan, Non-Japan Asia, Australia and Latin America. The firm’s clients include many of the major commercial and investment banks, insurance companies, private equity groups, pension funds, investment company portfolio managers and Fortune 500 Companies, as well as, both public and private middle-market companies.