Current Insolvency Proceedings

United States      

Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc., et al (Chapter 11 bankruptcy)
Lehman Brothers, Inc. (Brokerage SIPA proceeding)
Circuit City Stores, Inc.
MF Global, Inc. (Brokerage SIPA proceeding)
Nortel Networks, Inc.
Energy Future Holdings Corp.
Stanford Financial Group
Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, LLC
Fairfield Sentry
Madoff Victim Fund
Heller Ehrman, LLP
Lyondell Chemical Co.
AWI Delaware, Inc.
GT Advanced Technologies, Inc.
Natrol, Inc.
O. W. Bunker Holding North America Inc.
Qimonda Richmond, LLC


Nortel Networks Limited
Homburg Investment, Inc.
GASFRAC Energy Services Inc.


Caledonian Bank Limited  


Lehman Brothers International (Europe)       
Lehman Brothers Finance SA
Lehman Brothers Bankhaus AG
Flightlease AG (in liquidation)
MG Rover
Swissair Transport Company (in liquidation)
SAir Group (in liquidation)
Powertrain Ltd.
Swisscargo Ltd (in liquidation)
Alpine Bau GmbH
MF Global UK Limited
Nortel Networks UK Limited
OW Bunker A/S
Petroplus Marketing AG
Qimonda AG
Saab Automobile


HIH Insurance Company (in liquidation)
WestPoint Corporation Pty Ltd.
NewCap Reinsurance (in liquidation)

Insurance Company Liquidations

OIC Run-Off Limited (f/k/a Orion Insurance Company Plc)
The London and Overseas Insurance Company
Reliance Insurance
The Home Insurance Company
Midland Insurance
Ambassador Insurance
Amwest Insurance
Integrity Insurance
Folksam International Insurance Company
Legion Insurance Company
Mission Insurance Company
Western Employers Insurance Company