Negotiated Sale

PrimeShares would prepare a list of the “Likely Buyers” (e.g. hedge funds, private equity funds, banks, proprietary desks of other brokerage firms, etc.) for your claim and submit such list for your review.

Upon your approval and/or modification of such list, PrimeShares will contact each of the Likely Buyers to solicit interest in bidding on the Claim.

PrimeShares will summarize each Likely Buyer’s indicative bid-level, including the maximum size they are interested in purchasing at such bid-level. We will also solicit any unique terms and conditions the Likely Buyer would require in a Sale and Assignment Agreement.

PrimeShares will consult with you and recommend a strategy to offer the claim at a firm price to one of the selected Likely Buyers. PrimeShares will also offer feedback regarding specific terms and conditions to be considered for your proposed Sale and Assignment Agreement.

PrimeShares will identify the Likely Buyer who is going to provide you with the maximum price and best terms on a Sale and Assignment Agreement

You will close directly with the chosen Likely Buyer.