Fundamental Analysis

In the event a client is seeking pricing on its debt instruments, PrimeShares can provide internal pricing for valuation purposes as well as indicative pricing in order to market to prospective 3rd party buyers.   This is achieved is through the following steps:
  • Develop recovery range and approximate timeframe for asset classes to receive distributions
  • Estimate timeframe and costs to be incurred in liquidating assets and resolving claims filed  against the estate
  • Work with client to develop view for the costs to be incurred by liquidating such assets
  • Assist in review of financial statements, current case information and updates by working with the client it speak with the professionals involved in the case
PrimeShares' analytical team assists clients in maximizing recoveries of portfolio positions by sharing its proprietary analyses (both quantitative and qualitative). The research team independently assesses economic, market, industry trends, as well as, company specific data in formulating its analyses of non-investment grade debt, bank loans and trade receivables.